2014 – 2012 Masters In Visual Arts Lamar University

Studied the tradition and application of printmaking methods such as woodblock, letterpress, screen printing, lithography, intaglio,

mono print, and calligraph in order to apply these techniques to a master thesis.


2011 – 2006 Bachelors of Fine Arts Graphic Design Lamar University

Studied multiple aspects of graphic design which include advertising, illustration, Flash animation, 3-D animation, logo design,

web design, product design, and concept art.




Design Program Knowledge

Proficient in numerous Adobe Creative Suite programs including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, and Dreamweaver.

Working knowledge with Word, WordPress, HTML, CSS, Word, Powerpoint, Maya, Lightwave, Z-Brush, and Quark.


Design Skills

Proficient in various concepts relating to design and illustration. These skills revolve around brand identity, logo design, self

branding, concept design, page layout, typography, sequential narrative, storyboarding, product design, package design,

Web-Design, Animation, 3-D modeling and animation, Letterpress, traditional printmaking, screen printing, and SEO branding.



Experienced in the art of children’s book design, comic strips, character design, portraits, life-drawing, mascot illustration, comic

illustrations, background design, penciling, inking, digital illustrations, and concept art.




Jan 2015 – Apr 2016 Lead Graphic Designer Cornerstone Advertising and Design

Professional job responsibilities included leading creative discussions with clients and other creatives in terms of the visual branding,

logo development, and advertising strategies and layouts. I was also responsible for supervising creative work flow, training new

designers in company policy, and maintaining brand integrity of the client.


Jan 2014 – Jun 2014 Graphic Designer Lamar University

Was responsibilities for the creation of advertising graphics and design used to promote student events and activities on campus.

I was also responsible for the creation of various student organization banners used to advertise various events on campus.


Jan 2008 – April 2016 Freelance Graphic Designer

I create unique visual graphics in the form of vector art and printmaking woodcuts used for gallery exhibitions, art shows, and for client

sales. I also sell my personal artwork through my website in the form of fine art prints that can be printed on a number of different materials.